Phantasmagoria (n) - a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

Paintings of the abstract expressionist artist Hans Hoffman serve as inspiration for this program of evocative, hyper-emotional, and at times surreal works. Composer Michael Ippolito’s Capriccio is directly inspired by Hoffman, whose paintings epitomize the visceral, spontaneous, and rebellious spirit of abstract expressionism. The specific Hoffman paintings Ippolito draws from are Lonely Journey, Pénombre du soir, Bacchanale, and Phantasmagoria. Additional works written for Hub New Music by Kati Agócs, Takuma Itoh, and Christopher Cerrone further immerse audiences in otherworldly listening experiences.


Takuma Itoh, New Work for Hub New Music (2019) Kati Agócs, Rogue Emoji (2019) Christopher Cerrone, New Work for Hub New Music (2020/21) Michael Ippolito, Capriccio (2019)