Hub New Music Transports with an All Agócs Program - the Boston Globe (Zoë Madonna)

"The ensemble's colors imperceptibly blended, fragments of ostinatos picking up on each other and spiraling outward." 

Hub New Music at Sound and FuryNew Classic LA (Cristina Lord)

"I felt a refreshing sense of pure joy and innocence while listening to this work [Mason Bates, "The Life of Birds"] – a perfect way to end the evening."

From Groupmuse to the BSO: Show-hopping in Boston - New Music Box (Will Roseliep)*

"Then they took on Mason Bates’s The Life of Birds. You could tell they’d performed it before, handling tricky ensemble passages with ease. Toward the end the bench I sat on got a little uncomfortable, but the music didn’t."

Hub New Music: Coloring Within LinesBoston Musical Intelligencer (Brian Schuth)

"All of these works were given impeccable and impassioned performances from the Hub players . . . They play with a single mind but without sacrificing personality."

Ensemble introduces young composers in Jamaica Plain - the Boston Globe (Steven Smith)*

"Avitabile and his colleagues . . . were elegant and exacting; Topel handled the electronic portion with a notebook computer, tucking small transducers inside the piano for acoustic amplification."

Hub New Music Debuts With “Strength in Fragility” - Boston Musical Intelligencer (Brian Schuth)

" . . . the ensemble plays as a single, sensitive organism that draws more attention to the music than to itself."

Hub New Music illuminates Norman’s constructs at MFA - the Boston Globe (David Weininger)

"The performance was dynamic and committed. The concert took place in a corner of the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art. The audience was a mix of Boston’s young new-music faithful and museum visitors who’d happened to wander by."


Kati Agócs Featured in Hub New Music Debut - Boston Musical Intelligencer (Brian Schuth)

"Talking to Avitabile, I’m struck by how often he says “community” while also talking about “stepping outside” the traditional concert, and it is this sense of bringing people together to share in the experience of contemporary music that sounds so exciting listening to him."

Longform Interview with Mike AvitabileClassical Dark Arts (William Roseliep)

 "As the orchestra job market tightens and audience numbers dwindle, groups like Hub New Music offer an enticing way forward. In short, Hub New Music is a group you should pay attention to."

Contemporary Classical Ensembles Break The Mold To Carve Out A Spot In Boston’s Music Scene - WBUR's the Artery (Heather Stebbins)

"The mission of Hub New Music (formally the Boston Young Composers Ensemble) is more about bringing new forms of music to Boston than focusing on what is already happening within its new music scene. The group of performers that make up Hub’s core roster present a style of music that is not often performed in Boston, a style that blurs the lines between indie-rock and contemporary classical."


10 Cutting-Edge Artists That Have Captured the Imagination  (Mid Year) - Q2 Music (Zoë Madonna)

"Just as much as HUB is committed to making vibrant music, it is committed to engaging and building a vibrant community. "

Classical Picks (Winter Arts Guide 2017) - the Boston Globe (Zoë Madonna)

"Hub New Music presents the Boston premiere of its geopolitically rooted multimedia program, “Blue,” featuring music by Laura Kaminsky and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Evan Ziporyn and dance film projections from The Wilder Project. "

 Looking Ahead to a Bounty of 2016 Concerts - the Boston Globe (David Weininger)

"This inventive ensemble, which earlier in the season gave dynamic performances of music by Andrew Norman, makes its Jordan Hall debut with an evening of works by Kati Agócs, a composer on the faculty of New England Conservatory. "

Week ahead: Music , theatre, art, and more - the Boston Globe (Jeremy Eichler)

"The new music collective, formerly known as the Boston Young Composers Ensemble, devotes an enticing full program to the work of Andrew Norman."







* As Boston Young Composers Ensemble (BYCE)