Hub New Music continues its dedication to genre-defying new classical music in this continuation of its Pushing Boundaries project. Works on Pushing Boundaries 2.0 look at influences of pop, folk, and electronic music through the lens of 21st century chamber works. Freely pulling from ideas outside the confines of western music, each composer brings a global perspective that falls between the cracks of preconceived genre.

Works on Pushing Boundaries 2.0

Judd Greenstein, at the end of a really great day (2008)                                                    Anna Clyne, 1987 (2008)                                                                                                  Daniel Wohl, Microfluctuations in Plainchant (2012/2015)                                                    David Kirkland Garner, nonallemande (2015/17)                                                              Angelica Negron, Dust (2015)                                                                                            Mason Bates, The Life of Birds (2008)