Rhapsody & Idiosyncrasy

Hub New Music’s Rhapsody & Idiosyncrasy program immerses listeners in evocative, atmospheric, and hyper-emotional listening experiences. Each composer on the program possesses a singular voice that is amplified by Hub New Music’s uniquely colorful instrumentation of two winds and two strings. These four composers - Kati Agócs, Takuma Itoh, Christopher Cerrone, and Mason Bates - each offer stylistic juxtapositions that compliment and contrast from one another in such a way that showcases the lyrical diversity of music written today.


Takuma Itoh, New Work for Hub New Music (2019) Kati Agócs, Rogue Emoji (2019) Mason Bates, The Life of Birds (2008) Christopher Cerrone, New Work for Hub New Music (2020/21)