Rhapsody & Idiosyncrasy

The work of Kati Agócs is the centerpiece of Hub New Music’s program Rhapsody and Idiosyncrasy, a program that immerses listeners in a sound world of striking visceral lyricism across contrasting aesthetics and sonic possibilities.  Agócs’ new work is particularly special as it is a celebration of years of collaboration beginning in Hub’s formative years while students at the New England Conservatory.  Additional works on the program by Judd Greenstein, Yevgeniy Sharlat, and Judith Shatin offer unique stylistic juxtapositions that both compliment and contrast in such a way that highlight the lyrical diversity of music written today.

Works on Rhapsody & Idiosyncrasy

Judd Greenstein, at the end of a really great day (2008)                                                Yevgeniy Sharlat, Divertissiment (2006)                                                                              Judith Shatin, Secret Ground (1992)                                                                                      Kati Agócs, New Work (2019)