soul house

Robert Honstein's work Soul House serves as a point of departure for this program delving into memory and reflection. 

The program begins with Anna Clyne's 1987, a reflective work for quartet and tape in which the tape's source material is "a melody and winding sounds from a music box that my [Clyne's] father gave my mother in their early days of courting, and the sounds of the carousel and pebbles at Brighton Beach in the South of England—a place of fond memories."

Following the Clyne is the title work, Robert Honstein's Soul House. Honstein writes of the piece, "Ancient Egyptian funerary practice provisioned tombs with objects that would provide sustenance for the afterlife. Wealthy elites had elaborate models of servants preparing foods and other necessities while poorer people had Soul Houses, crude model dwellings, stocked with clay food to nourish the dead. These tiny clay houses bear a strange resemblance to the adobe structures found throughout the American Southwest, where my recently passed Grandmother spent her life. My piece Soul House takes this ancient funery practice as a starting point for a personal reflection on death, memory, and burial."

The final piece on the program is Evan Ziporyn's meditative work Thread. The work draws on the composer's signature style of seamlessly merging eastern and western musical traditions. Swirling melodic lines and exotic harmonies unfolding over this half hour work allow the listener to enter into a luxurious almost timeless world of reflection and meditation.

Works on Soul House

Anna Clyne, 1987 (2008)

Robert Hontein, Soul House (2017)

Evan Ziporyn, Thread (2005)