soul house

Soul House is an exploration of memory, reflection, and childhood nostalgia that uses Robert Honstein's 35 minute work of the same title as a point of departure. An extended love letter to the composer’s childhood home, Soul House unfolds over nine movements with each movement depicting a different scene in home. Of the piece Honstein writes:

“Each movement is a fragmented story representative of feelings and memories from that part of the house: a contemplative nook in a sun filled Bay Window; a cozy Alcove; the rush of action through the Hallway down the Stairs and a triumphal arrival on the Landing; the running, chasing play of the Backyard; the morning rush (and endless struggle for the ‘front seat’) of the Driveway; a stately old Copper Beech, majestic and noble in its rooted splendor; and finally a Secret Place, somewhere just for myself where all the dreams and frustrations of childhood mingle in private, a wondrous cocktail of confusion and delight.”


Anna Clyne, 1987 (2008) Judd Greenstein, at the end of a really great day (2008) Angelica Negrón, Dust (2015) Robert Honstein, Soul House (2017)

*Soul House is also available as a dance program presented in collaboration with Boston’s Urbanity Dance.

Soul House was commissioned by the Cricket Foundation. Choreography for the production was commissioned by the Peabody Essex Museum (Salem, MA).